When is the Best Time to Replace a Roof, Winter or Summer?

Roof replacing is one of the most time taking task that needs to be done on timely basis. If metal roofing is done for their roofs, they do not have to change or replace the roofs more often. Roofs made of wood would need timely inspection and replacement when necessary.

There are various reasons why you would need to replace your roof. Some homeowners do not change their roof unless they really have to but the thing is, you are actually not doing yourself a very good favor when you wait until your roof is dead. It is dangerous. Roof has its own lifespan too, they are not made to endure forever.

Metal roofing for roof replacement

Reasons that homeowners consider when replacing their roofs

  • Remodeling purposes
  • Leak
  • Damage
  • Loss of granules
  • Worn

So, the moment you found out you really need a new roof, the next question that comes to mind is “when is the best time to replace a roof, winter or summer?” The timing, the quality of materials as well as the amount of time of replacing your roof can have a great effect on the cost of the roof replacement contract

Of Course, many homeowners prefer to put the project off to avoid spending, avoid the preparations, the sound of the hammer and the hassle of it. But this doesn’t mean they can procrastinate forever. It may even cause more than the amount they will spend now if they’ll do it 2 to 3 years from now.

There are several factors to ponder when choosing the best time to change your roof.
Weather, for one, plays a critical role when changing your roof. There are seasons that would make it so impossible to change your roof especially if the replacement requires a lot of time.

If you are thinking of changing your roof in winter, think of the possibilities that may happen.

Roofing is a physical work where temperature is much considered. Would you like to wear your winter jacket and boot and do the marathon? Of course not and it make sense for roofers not being able to finish their job as expected. It can really be very uncomfortable up on the roof below freezing point.

First, let’s consider the contractor. People tend to cut corners just to drive home earlier and even if they love the job—being a roofer—if it decreases their composure, they would rather go home and rest. Just imagine having to go out on the roof and work all day when it’s below freezing, so that’s exactly how they’d feel. To them, shoveling on the roof to get started with the real job decreases their confidence and this will be enough reason for them to do it the easiest way and obviously, you may not be so happy with the result.

Roofing staff uses materials—many different materials that can get affected by the weather like nails guns and compressor when the weather is below freezing. Shingles has to be sealed but it will not seal lest they are warmth to roughly 70°F. Shingles should not be nailed below freezing because it becomes brittle as it loses its resistance as the high temperature goes down .For the crew to install the roof, gun nailing is not advised so they would have to manually do it which would require more time and energy. Shingles are made with its own sealant but this Seal strips will not seal either id they are nor tabbing, so it also requires manual sealing with compatible adhesives which means that the roofing crew would have to use caulking gun to rub on four strokes of roofing cement beneath each and every laminate shingles and then press the shingles into the cement to prevent the wind from lifting them.

So, if not winter, is summer the best time to replace my shingles?

The best time to replace your roof is when you think it should be replaced. However, prior to that you must consider planning ahead of time above anything else. Not because you have found out that shingles have been blown off means you have to do it now, consider the season, if you allow yourself to change the roofing completely during winter, will it do you any good? If you wait until spring or summer, would it be better?

The benefits of having your roof replaced during summer:

Summer is an ideal time to replace your roof. After spring, most jobs have been completed and most of the people go on local and international summer vacation trips and since summer is consist of labour holidays, memorial and independence holidays, a lot of people tend to not include this season as their renovation period.

SO, the good thing about this season is that you can get a great deal with roofing companies. The cost of your roofing replacement will absolutely be a lot cheaper compared to doing it during the fall season where roofing suppliers tend to increase their prices. It is wise to have your scheduled roofing before the holidays.

Another great thing why summer is a good time to change your shingles is because asphalt roofing requires thermal sealing process.

It makes installing easier for the contractors because they wouldn’t need to manually install the nail.

Important tips to consider before signing a roofing contract:

Plan ahead of time and schedule the installation in advance. You will be prioritized by your contractors because they will not have any excuse of not starting and finishing it as scheduled.

Avoid spring and fall where materials are priced higher than usual.

Get price estimates or free quotes from different roofing companies based on your location, roof size, roofing materials and budget.

Inspecting your home at least once a year for any roofing issues can help you save a lot of money. It should be a part of your house maintenance.
So unless, you are prepared to pay for extra time and willing to sign the limited liability, it would be best to wait a few more weeks.

Unless it is absolutely necessary to change your roof, winter is not really that recommended. As mentioned, roof installation is highly dependent on the season.

Unfortunately cold and hot weathers can extremely delay the process.

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