How Garden and lawn care services can enhance the beauty and health of your yard.

A lush green lawn with beautiful flowering plants all around is the heartthrob of many home owners. Many people take great pride in throwing lawn parties or simply spend the evenings enjoying the pristine beauty of Mother Nature. But, a well manicured lawn and a healthy garden takes a lot of work, hard work in fact. Given the physical work and knowledge needed for the proper upkeep of your garden and lawn, hiring competent garden and lawn mowing services, is often the most desirable way.

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Some of the measures that need attention in caring for your garden and lawn include:-


Ensuring that the soil around the plant is loose enough before placing the plant into the soil is the primary pre-requisite in planting. If you use a spade, digging about twice the length of the spade, and equally wide, allows the root system to spread out with ease. All the soil surrounding the plant should be level with the top of the hole you created. After placing the plant upright fill back the hole and press the soil around so that it is firm around. When you choose plants that are best suited for the soil condition in your garden, you may not soil improvement measures. But, soil improvement can help the plant better. For instance, when planting into a sand bed, adding bentonite clay helps in water retention around the plant roots.

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Generally, planting is best done during the cooler months. Rainfall is also usually high during these seasons which reduce the necessity of watering. However, during the first summer new plants may need regular watering. Deep watering once a week with an eye on weather forecasts should be adequate.


Seeding is important and perhaps the biggest step for that lush green lawn. The physical effort is by far the highest in the overall scheme of lawn maintenance. The first step is loosening the soil so that you can remove the rocks and weeds comfortably. This task needs to be executed carefully since compacted soil is not helpful for the grass seeds to grow. If you find the soil already loose and moist, you do save some of the hard physical labour. If there are lumps of soil while preparing, ensure that you break them up using a hard tool. A rototiller can come in handy for this operation, but even if you don’t have one, make sure that you dig a minimum of 4 inches downward. After removing all weeds and stones and smoothening out the lumps, it is time for making improvements to the soil. On the prepared soil, add a layer of compost spreading it out evenly and then turn it in or rake it in using a shovel. Avoid the temptation to simply leave the compost on top of the soil and hope that it would eventually do its job. The compost needs to be mixed in thoroughly to make it work. Once this part of the job is accomplished, rake through to remove remaining wood pieces, rocks or other hard substances.

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Choosing the grass type

Your neighbourhood garden store can be a huge help in choosing the right type of grass for your lawn. Timing the seeding activity will also depend on the type of seed and therefore your selection should also factor in this. The next step will be to understand how to care for the seeded lawn. There are plenty of tips available in the digital world if you still persist with the DIY instead of a professional lawn and garden care service.


Weeds are like pests or perhaps do more damage. Warm temperatures following the spring moisture provides the finest setting for weeds to proliferate. Interestingly, while so much of effort and care is needed to enjoy your lawn or garden, weeds seem to have no such demands. They simply arrive uninvited and start growing wherever they please. They have no demands except unhindered right to damage all that you love most. Weeding may not be a big job and in fact comes with many therapeutic benefits that a garden can give. But, what you need to watch out for is some of the so called natural herbicides that hold out the promise to kill the weeds without any pain for you. Many of these products are also not entirely harmless to the plants or humans.

Just as you always want to enjoy your lawn and garden, taking care of these beautiful gifts of Mother Nature is equally important.