Use These Amazing Options for Your Next Roof Restoration!

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The first thing you have to find out is what is actually available in your local area because the last thing you want to do is to be importing roofing materials from thousands of miles away. Even bringing them in from 500 km away will double the cost, why? Because roofing materials are very heavy to transport, and weight equals cost. So have a look around and see what is available in your local area and make your decisions accordingly. Let’s say that everything that is on the market is available.

Just what materials are available worldwide

There are actually only 10 recognised materials from which people regularly make roofs.

  1. The most common material for making a roof is steel sheeting
  2. The next most common is terracotta roof tiles, also known as ceramic shingles in some countries
  3. Next most popular is the old-fashioned but very cheap and versatile concrete roof tiles
  4. Next is what they call roof shingles. These are square shaped and quite thin shingles you see, and they can be made from various materials including wood, slate, concrete, and fibre cement
  5. After that, we have probably the oldest style roof that most people know about, thatched roof
  6. The first of the ultramodern materials is a roofing membrane
  7. Then you have a polyester roof or PTFE Material. It is plastic embedded in fibreglass
  8. Another modern material is solar shingles. These, as the name suggests, have a photovoltaic panel built into the shingle and it is a brand-new technology
  9. Slate roof tiles have been used on roofs are about 500 years
  10. Stone roof slabs have been used on buildings since humans moved out of the caves, their great downfall is as you can imagine a stone slab is very heavy and requires serious support

If you want to find out more about the materials and other options for your roof restoration, go here.

One of the most common roofing materials is terracotta shingle tiles

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The terracotta shingle tile is also named the Marseilles tile. There are significant advantages and some slight disadvantages with these tiles. The biggest disadvantage they have is that all the manufacturers say that a roof cannot slope more than 18° if you want to use these tiles. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any real disadvantages, and as most roofs don’t slope to 18°, you should be okay with them.

Now for the good points of terracotta shingle tiles. The first good point is that they look great and they come in usually about 10 colours, most of which are shades of grey worse luck. Though they do have a couple of reds and browns in the mix, you can have your tiles made to any colour you want if you have deeper pockets. But if you do this make doubly sure you’ve ordered enough because they usually have minimum order quantity for each individual colour and you don’t want to have to do it twice.

Other good points of terracotta shingle tiles are that most manufacturers give a 50-year guarantee on them. They are nonflammable and extremely low maintenance. And a professional roofing team should be able to lay your whole roof in a day once all the preparation work is done.

An oldie but a goodie, concrete roof tiles

Image of concrete roof tiles
Concrete roof tiles were all the rage for companies that built a significant amount of houses during the 40s 50s and 60s and 70s. Then, as new materials started coming online, they lost their place as a first choice. But because they are so cheap and so effective, they are still one of the most popular forms of roofing materials either as a replacement for an old roof or as a new roof on a new house.

Concrete roof tiles have one huge advantage over most other modern roofing materials. Concrete roof tiles actually get stronger with age, as they continue to harden every time the sun bakes them. The main reason why they were so popular for so long was their cost. Till today, it’s one of the cheapest materials available combined with being one of the most durable materials in the market which means they have been a winner for 70 years and will be probably for the next hundred years.

A critical roof accessory

Guttering and down pipes, you need to buy the best of these that you can. There are mainly available in two types of materials; plastic and colour bond steel. The beauty of the steel guttering and down pipe is that it can be manufactured in one piece to fit any length of roof edge. Its advantage over its plastic counterpart which comes in set lengths is that it is actually pressed out on site by special machines usually on the back of a truck to fit the roof exactly. Being one piece gives it a significant advantage over its plastic counterpart which comes in set lengths.