Solar power projects gets a boost from Engineers

While solar energy has been receiving plenty of attention on a global scale, a significant limiting factor for a proliferation of this inexhaustible source of energy is the upfront cost of photovoltaic cells. The scientific community across the globe is actively engaged in making photovoltaic cells more affordable and also identifying other methods to convert solar power into electrical energy that we can use. Although federal governments in many nations are encouraging the use of solar energy in place of conventional sources of energy through different types of incentives, the upfront investment needed keeps many potential users away from this option.

Fossil fuels and climate change

The ability to tap more solar energy for productive use can usher in far-reaching impact not only for the individuals but also for the global economy. Many times in the past, the oil economy largely controlled by the Middle East nations have throttled the world economy through cartels. Apart from the economic impact, carbon emission from fossil fuels has reached levels that pose a significant threat to our environment, and global leaders are already seized of the urgency of the situation. Climate change has already started delivering its negative impact right on our doorsteps, and that is a strong message to contain carbon emission on priority to avoid significant suffering for generations to come.

Solar energy comes into focus during the current decade

Throughout the current decade, solar energy has come into limelight and Germany has recently achieved the distinction of being the only nation to run entirely on alternative energy including solar for at least one day. This is a stellar achievement since Germany not only managed to shut off all alternative energy sources for that particular day but also had some surplus of renewables left to be exported to neighbouring nations.

Tesla Motors, the USA making commendable progress in tapping solar energy

In the United States, Tesla Motors headed by Elon Musk has been making significant contributions towards the proliferation of solar energy and its use. The company has successfully developed solar shingles that would double up as roofing material, and solar panels are significantly altering the economic equations in roofing costs. Australia with the largest amount of annual sunshine can gainfully adopt this technology, sooner, than later. Australian home owners looking for roof replacement and new roofs can save substantially, particularly since Elon Musk has stated that solar energy from the company’s solar shingles would be a bonus when the roofing cost is factored in.
Researchers are actively engaged in making the current photovoltaic systems more efficient
Researchers around the globe, and particularly so, in the United States of America are actively involved in finding means of improving the efficiency of the present photovoltaic cells and also exploring alternatives to photovoltaic systems. In most photovoltaic systems today, it is the amount of light falling on the panels that matter. Heat is a deterrent in optimising output from the solar panels, and therefore, scientists have already devised methods to cool the panels while exposed to light. Prof. Jan Kleissl of UC San Diego environmental engineering is researching methods and technologies to predict the amount of power that can be harnessed from the sun.

More studies in the United States of America and Australia

In a recent publication in Renewable Energy journal, Prof Kleissl’s work we mentioned above, along with that of Mat Lave, his PhD student, explains why strategizing solar installations is important based on the building location and its relation to the sun. For instance, Prof. Kleissl with his students have succeeded in improving the solar map for California allowing photovoltaic installers, homeowners, and utilities to predict better, the amount of energy they can obtain from their solar systems. Professor Kleissl says in the report that a significant result of the work carried out in California is the advantage for coastal areas to install solar panels facing some ten degrees west of south. He adds that the measure, apart from optimising energy production, can improve the correlation of solar power generation with load. Compared to panels facing south, the panels that face the south-west gets to ‘see’ the sun for longer durations at a better angle which in turn leads to the generation of more energy during peak demand period (3-5 pm) making it economically more viable. Eurosolar in Australia is part of the global green revolution, not just among green energy solutions, but across all power technologies.
In Australia, effective marketing campaigns by EuroSolar outfitting a large number of rooftops with solar panels. Bright conditions in Australia prevailing during annual peak load periods also mean that the solar panels can produce maximum power. During the summer time, energy production reaches its peak and could climb to about ten times more than it is during other occasions.
This margin also has the potential to impact the economics benefitting solar energy when electricity rates become more variable in the future. Installation of south-west facing panels will also attract greater incentives as has been demonstrated by the maps created by Prof. Kleissl and his team.

Use These Amazing Options for Your Next Roof Restoration!

Image of a steel image

The first thing you have to find out is what is actually available in your local area because the last thing you want to do is to be importing roofing materials from thousands of miles away. Even bringing them in from 500 km away will double the cost, why? Because roofing materials are very heavy to transport, and weight equals cost. So have a look around and see what is available in your local area and make your decisions accordingly. Let’s say that everything that is on the market is available.

Just what materials are available worldwide

There are actually only 10 recognised materials from which people regularly make roofs.

  1. The most common material for making a roof is steel sheeting
  2. The next most common is terracotta roof tiles, also known as ceramic shingles in some countries
  3. Next most popular is the old-fashioned but very cheap and versatile concrete roof tiles
  4. Next is what they call roof shingles. These are square shaped and quite thin shingles you see, and they can be made from various materials including wood, slate, concrete, and fibre cement
  5. After that, we have probably the oldest style roof that most people know about, thatched roof
  6. The first of the ultramodern materials is a roofing membrane
  7. Then you have a polyester roof or PTFE Material. It is plastic embedded in fibreglass
  8. Another modern material is solar shingles. These, as the name suggests, have a photovoltaic panel built into the shingle and it is a brand-new technology
  9. Slate roof tiles have been used on roofs are about 500 years
  10. Stone roof slabs have been used on buildings since humans moved out of the caves, their great downfall is as you can imagine a stone slab is very heavy and requires serious support

If you want to find out more about the materials and other options for your roof restoration, go here.

One of the most common roofing materials is terracotta shingle tiles

Image of roof tiles
The terracotta shingle tile is also named the Marseilles tile. There are significant advantages and some slight disadvantages with these tiles. The biggest disadvantage they have is that all the manufacturers say that a roof cannot slope more than 18° if you want to use these tiles. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any real disadvantages, and as most roofs don’t slope to 18°, you should be okay with them.

Now for the good points of terracotta shingle tiles. The first good point is that they look great and they come in usually about 10 colours, most of which are shades of grey worse luck. Though they do have a couple of reds and browns in the mix, you can have your tiles made to any colour you want if you have deeper pockets. But if you do this make doubly sure you’ve ordered enough because they usually have minimum order quantity for each individual colour and you don’t want to have to do it twice.

Other good points of terracotta shingle tiles are that most manufacturers give a 50-year guarantee on them. They are nonflammable and extremely low maintenance. And a professional roofing team should be able to lay your whole roof in a day once all the preparation work is done.

An oldie but a goodie, concrete roof tiles

Image of concrete roof tiles
Concrete roof tiles were all the rage for companies that built a significant amount of houses during the 40s 50s and 60s and 70s. Then, as new materials started coming online, they lost their place as a first choice. But because they are so cheap and so effective, they are still one of the most popular forms of roofing materials either as a replacement for an old roof or as a new roof on a new house.

Concrete roof tiles have one huge advantage over most other modern roofing materials. Concrete roof tiles actually get stronger with age, as they continue to harden every time the sun bakes them. The main reason why they were so popular for so long was their cost. Till today, it’s one of the cheapest materials available combined with being one of the most durable materials in the market which means they have been a winner for 70 years and will be probably for the next hundred years.

A critical roof accessory

Guttering and down pipes, you need to buy the best of these that you can. There are mainly available in two types of materials; plastic and colour bond steel. The beauty of the steel guttering and down pipe is that it can be manufactured in one piece to fit any length of roof edge. Its advantage over its plastic counterpart which comes in set lengths is that it is actually pressed out on site by special machines usually on the back of a truck to fit the roof exactly. Being one piece gives it a significant advantage over its plastic counterpart which comes in set lengths.

How Garden and lawn care services can enhance the beauty and health of your yard.

A lush green lawn with beautiful flowering plants all around is the heartthrob of many home owners. Many people take great pride in throwing lawn parties or simply spend the evenings enjoying the pristine beauty of Mother Nature. But, a well manicured lawn and a healthy garden takes a lot of work, hard work in fact. Given the physical work and knowledge needed for the proper upkeep of your garden and lawn, hiring competent garden and lawn mowing services, is often the most desirable way.

lawn mowing

Some of the measures that need attention in caring for your garden and lawn include:-


Ensuring that the soil around the plant is loose enough before placing the plant into the soil is the primary pre-requisite in planting. If you use a spade, digging about twice the length of the spade, and equally wide, allows the root system to spread out with ease. All the soil surrounding the plant should be level with the top of the hole you created. After placing the plant upright fill back the hole and press the soil around so that it is firm around. When you choose plants that are best suited for the soil condition in your garden, you may not soil improvement measures. But, soil improvement can help the plant better. For instance, when planting into a sand bed, adding bentonite clay helps in water retention around the plant roots.

garden 2

Generally, planting is best done during the cooler months. Rainfall is also usually high during these seasons which reduce the necessity of watering. However, during the first summer new plants may need regular watering. Deep watering once a week with an eye on weather forecasts should be adequate.


Seeding is important and perhaps the biggest step for that lush green lawn. The physical effort is by far the highest in the overall scheme of lawn maintenance. The first step is loosening the soil so that you can remove the rocks and weeds comfortably. This task needs to be executed carefully since compacted soil is not helpful for the grass seeds to grow. If you find the soil already loose and moist, you do save some of the hard physical labour. If there are lumps of soil while preparing, ensure that you break them up using a hard tool. A rototiller can come in handy for this operation, but even if you don’t have one, make sure that you dig a minimum of 4 inches downward. After removing all weeds and stones and smoothening out the lumps, it is time for making improvements to the soil. On the prepared soil, add a layer of compost spreading it out evenly and then turn it in or rake it in using a shovel. Avoid the temptation to simply leave the compost on top of the soil and hope that it would eventually do its job. The compost needs to be mixed in thoroughly to make it work. Once this part of the job is accomplished, rake through to remove remaining wood pieces, rocks or other hard substances.

garden 3

Choosing the grass type

Your neighbourhood garden store can be a huge help in choosing the right type of grass for your lawn. Timing the seeding activity will also depend on the type of seed and therefore your selection should also factor in this. The next step will be to understand how to care for the seeded lawn. There are plenty of tips available in the digital world if you still persist with the DIY instead of a professional lawn and garden care service.


Weeds are like pests or perhaps do more damage. Warm temperatures following the spring moisture provides the finest setting for weeds to proliferate. Interestingly, while so much of effort and care is needed to enjoy your lawn or garden, weeds seem to have no such demands. They simply arrive uninvited and start growing wherever they please. They have no demands except unhindered right to damage all that you love most. Weeding may not be a big job and in fact comes with many therapeutic benefits that a garden can give. But, what you need to watch out for is some of the so called natural herbicides that hold out the promise to kill the weeds without any pain for you. Many of these products are also not entirely harmless to the plants or humans.

Just as you always want to enjoy your lawn and garden, taking care of these beautiful gifts of Mother Nature is equally important.

Summer Fun with The Family at an Adventure Park!

Summer is a time for some outdoor sun. Soaking up the sun while having fun is the perfect way to spend the summer! And no one knows how to have fun better than my family! From the kids to my husband and I, all of us are always ready for some unadulterated fun. And one of our favourite summer destinations of all time is the adventure park in Victoria. We all are big fans of theme parks so we keep on trying different ones each time depending on our mood. When we go to the theme park, we are guaranteed a good time. adventure park
So, on a bright and sunny day, packed with sunscreen and sunglasses, we went to the theme park for a day of family fun. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find activities to do and places to go as a family. My husband and I are constantly looking for things that we can do with our children, something that both the adults and the kids would enjoy. Going to a theme park is one of the top most favourite activity for my family. All of us are thrill seekers who love going on rides and getting are adrenaline pumping. So, it was a complete no-brainer that we would spend the summer going to adventure park and doing what we do best as a family—have a jolly good time!
An adventure park has something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of the classic rides such as the Ferris wheel, or someone who prefers to try out new and exciting rides, adventure park has you covered. The dry ride that my whole family enjoyed was the wave swinger. It was a swinging chair ride where the tower climbs to almost twelve meters in height. You’ve got to try that one if you visit the adventure park. It’s a fabulous ride! The feeling of flying through the air is just simply wonderful.
thrilling rides
We also tried out our archery skills at the archery range. It turns out our kids are much better aimers! My daughter even managed to hit a bull’s eye! My husband and I did embarrassingly and were teased mercilessly by the kids for our apparent lack of aim. But we got them back for that at the Skeleton Creek Mini Golf. We teamed up against the kids and managed to salvage our pride (or what was left of it after our disastrous performance at the archery range) 😉
amazing view at fun park
And when it was time for lunch, we were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. I had a chicken wrap while the others had burgers. We were sceptical about how good food can be at a theme park, but once we had our lunch, we were happy and satiated, and ready for more adventure! It was on to the water rides next!
Being the thrill-seekers that we are, we opted to go on the Wild West Canyon—a pitch black water tunnel that gave us surprising twists and turns. It was so much fun that we went on it over three times! The kids also loved the Gold Rush Rapids water tunnel, a super-fast water tunnel slide. We decided to take it slow for a while and spent some time soaking up the sun and floating around on the lazy river. Is there anything more blissful than floating on water under the warm summer sun? I think not. It was so relaxing that I almost dozed off! That was our cue to get to the next thrilling adventure. The kids picked the Aqua Racer water slide, a super-fun and fast slide, and we had a great time racing each other down to the end.
vegan food optionsSince we had such a great time at the fun park, we’ve been thinking of celebrating our daughter’s next birthday there. She would love to have her friends with her, to go on all the rides and have a fantastic time on the water slides. We can’t ask for a better birthday party than a day at the theme park, right? We are thinking about booking one of those VIP cabanas that they have for hire. These are perfect venue to relax and take a break from the sun. We could hire a cabana, where we could eat and drink and have a good time while the kids had their fun at the Bonito’s Bay Waterplay (with some adult supervision, of course). We enquired about food and were told that they even have vegan options available. That’s great because some of our friends are vegan and it’s good to know that there is something on the menu for both the meat lovers as well as the vegans.

It’s safe to say that our family day at the fun park was a roaring success and we will be returning for our daughter’s birthday. If you’re looking for things to do this summer, then I strongly recommend you to put the theme park on your list of ‘Fun things to do with the family.’ Whether you love going on hair-raising rides or prefer to sun bathe and relax with a drink, you won’t be disappointed either way. There are sun beds available on a first-come, first-serve basis where you can soak up the sun and get a nice tan going.
Finding outdoor, physical activities to do with the family has always been our thing. We love to get out of the house and spend some quality time bonding with our children. In this era of easy-access technology, unwinding and spending time away from our laptops and smartphones has become imperative. And what better way to do it than to go on fun rides and bring out your inner child? By the end of the day, we were tired but happy. And the kids were bursting with stories to tell their friends, about their wonderful time at an adventure park and all the fun stuff that they did. So, mission accomplished.

Why Science Tutoring Is Important For Securing A Bright Future For Your Children

science tutors

The knowledge-based economy that is still evolving in the 21st century has a strong and inherent connection with science and science education. The goal of science education should, therefore, focus on in-depth content knowledge aided by active engagement of the intellect. The process will further develop a range of capacities and mental habits to prepare knowledge workers which the new economy is demanding.

Through exemplary science education, we strive to offer our students a rich context to develop many of the new economy skills including problem-solving, critical thinking, and information literacy. Towards this goal, our instructions address the nature of science while promoting the use of scientific practices provided by science tutors.

Armed with the skills that the new economy is looking for, help to groom the children to be part of a future workforce that is well prepared to meet the challenges. The process also involves teaching life skills that are critical to ensuring their success in the chosen path. The science tutoring services that we provide support as well as advance the new economy skills while enhancing the practice of science through focusing on these core skills. More importantly, the science tutoring services provide is more broad based to help students inculcate rich scientific values that will lay the foundation for their higher pursuits in life.

Primed for knowledge acquisition

Consider these: As parents or guardians, how often have you faced questions like these:-

  • Why is the globe round?
  • What brought me here?
  • How does the car run?
  • How does the light glow?
  • What makes the water hot?

In the pre-adolescent stage, learning is not restricted to the 4 walls in a class room. In fact, learning is an ongoing process, throughout one’s life. At every nook and corner, there is some curiosity and children are never afraid of asking questions.

As parents, guardians and teachers, it is our responsibility to encourage learning

boy reading a book

As elders, encouraging learning is a duty cast upon us, and we should not only grasp those wonderful moments but also strive to create opportunities for more such moments and pave the way to unravel the mysteries of the scientific word.

Young children are naturally hands-on learners

Project-based learning is all about hands-on activities. Young children are eager to throw themselves into the ring, and that is the best way to learn too. Learning through the medium of play presents the perfect opportunity for the kids to experiment with an array of rudimentary scientific processes like cause-and-effect. If this opportunity is denied to children till they reach adolescence that could be a gross injustice meted out to them.

Science encompasses many life skills


Early interests exhibited by children lay out the road map for their future. As many of us who have studied science do know, communication, organisation, perseverance and attention to detail are among the essential traits required to pursue scientific inquiry. Though these skill set can also be developed independent of science, starting our kids with a well-rounded education is a more desirable option that will help them practice these values in cross-curricular environments.

Early interests influence later life of children

The interplay between nature and nurture affords children, even during the early ages, an opportunity to get busy discovering the true individual in them. “Show me a child until he is seven, and I will show you the man,” is a famous quote from St. Francis Xavier that eloquently brings home the point. An early start to science education ensures that scientific quest is ingrained into the educational mix when the young kids start developing their own desires and passions.

Australian primary education lacks focus on science


Today’s primary education in Australia has little or no focus on science education. This does not augur well for Australian children or the nation itself. The interests in children develop at an early age and the elementary years are therefore crucial in guiding them through the right path.

How can we make a difference to the Australian Children?

Each student is initially evaluated to understand his/her preferences so that the child is motivated to pursue what interests them most. The evaluation process is a continuing exercise wherein expert tutors with several years of experience backing them will work closely with the child. This approach helps in identifying inherent talents in the child and nurturing them at a steady pace for focused achievements in the later years of learning.

Best science tutors

Choose the best science tutors. In turn, this ensures that you child receives nothing less than the best from their science tutor.

One-to- one learning opportunities

Sitting in a third or 4th row, you child can hardly have any kind of personal interaction with the teacher. The eye contact with the child is particularly important during the early years of learning.

We need to act now for the bright future of our children

The world today, is intensely competitive and focus on learning science right at the start is not an option but an indispensable necessity. Nearly 50% of Australian schools devote just about one hour per week for learning science in the primary schools. Only 4% schools allocate 5 hours per week for learning science in the primary grades.

Multivariate Testing For You

Multivariate Testing is a premium service PPC companies offer. If you are just starting out in the online world, Multivariate Testing may not be something you are very knowledgeable about. It is actually not a complicated process, but it is a good idea to let the leaders in the business do it for you.



Multivariate Testing is actually a part of PPC Management. PPC or Pay Per Click is a way of getting your website more popularised and increasing your revenue. Multivariate Testing services are meant to test the strength of the PPC management of your website.

No matter what kind of business you own, how big or small, it’s measuring or monitoring is always important. Unless you measure how it is performing, how can you improve it? So if you have an online business or a business that has an online presence, Multivariate Testing may be something that could lead to higher revenues for you. Multivariate Testing is actually a quantitative way of measuring and influencing a visitor’s experience in your website.

Here are a few things about Multivariate Testing you should know about:

It is not a very complicated process. But it is better to let a professional handle it if your website’s situation is grave and you want to improve it.

Multivariate Testing will help you understand your website better. Multivariate Testing service will let you take steps to increase the number of visitors to your website. Actually, this kind of testing service is a kind of process to measure a website’s performance. In case it is not up to your expectations, you can take steps to better it.

Multivariate Testing is not expensive. How much you will have to pay for such services is dependent on what kind of functionalities you want to include.

If you own business which has a strong online presence, you may feel that the need for our PPC and Multivariate Testing services is not too much. But the truth is that the Web is a truly dynamic field which is almost never stable. Thousands of people may be joining the very niche your business belongs to and targeting the same audience. To stay on top and make high profits, you have to be on your toes all the time. And since your online presence is almost totally about how many people visit your website and engage themselves in it, you cannot let down your guard. Periodically getting your website tested to ensure optimal performance may just be your best bet.

Why & How To Choose The Best Solar Panel For Your Home

solar panels on a roof

Have you installed solar panel for your home yet? If not, it’s time that you should at least think about it because solar energy is regarded as the most cost-effective, environment-friendly and a renewable source of energy. Most people choose to install solar panel as a smart investment or to be saved from lowering electricity bills. If you too are likely to set up a solar system, it’s crucial that you select the best one out of multiple options available in the market because the answer is simple: for the best quality, durability and production. However, to make sure that your investment is smart and that the solar panel you install for your home is the right one, you must evaluate different kinds of solar panels available in the market.I bought solar panels from Australian euro solar group provider which is owned by euro solar, I would like to say I am quite happy with my purchase. In this article, you will discover WHYs and HOWs of choosing the best solar panel in detail:

Why to Choose The Best Solar Panel

Although it is often the cost that bothers us the most, it will be wise to note that the best solar panels are not always the expensive ones. The best ones are in fact the ones that perform well, are long lasting and produce the amount of electricity as per your home requirement. However, it is entirely up to you to decide which one is a right one for you since the needs of people vary from one person to another. In general, you can consider the following three fundamental reasons to choose the best solar panel for your home:

1. For high production: The best solar panels are power tolerant, efficient and can produce a high amount of electricity.

2. For durability: The best solar panels make sure that they can withstand severe or unfavourable weather conditions without being damaged.

3. For quality: Never compromise on quality. When you buy a solar panel, always see if the manufacturer offers warranty and assurances for the panel.
Having said all these, it is again up to you to decide which solar panel is the right one for you. Some homeowners love to invest in the highest quality whereas some would just need a cheap one based on their energy requirement and budget availability for spending on electricity.

How To Choose The Best Solar Panel

euro soalr panels

Now that you know why you need the best solar panel, it’s time to learn how to choose it. Here are the factors you might want to consider before choosing the best solar panel for your home:

1. Power: If you want to make a smart investment on your solar panel, you must calculate how much power you need for your home and see if a particular panel can fulfil the need. At first, it’s important for you to know how much power the solar panel can generate, how much power it can store in daylight or how big the battery is and then compare them with your required power. After gauging and evaluating all these factors, you can easily conclude the answer you’re seeking for.

2. Space: The size of a panel will, of course, be dependent on how much space is available at your home. There are solar panels of varying size made by various manufacturers in the market, and you will have to decide which one fits your area. Alternatively, you can also combine two or more small solar panels together to adjust in the available area. Generally, more powerful solar panels are bigger in size, but in case, you are looking for a combination of high power and small size, it is useful to remember that crystalline panels are relatively smaller than amorphous panels for equivalent power.

3. Accessories: Think what accessories or additional equipment you need along with your chosen panel. Often, the accessories like plug, cables, blocking diodes and others are supplied as a kit along with the main panel. So when you are about to purchase your solar panel, you should check whether it has the accessories you require to mount the panel.

4. Portability: Portability is often a desired feature of solar panel for people who are moving or travelling from one place to another. If you are the kind, know that you need a rollable panel which is very handy and lighter to carry. However, if you plan to install the panel on motor homes, sheds or boats, then you should go for permanent installation options which are based on rigid frame module. They are much heavier and cheaper than portable ones.

5. Budget: Solar panels are often chosen as a cheaper source of energy. While selecting the right solar panel for your home, you might want to consider the features that get along with your budget. For instance, if you have a lesser budget but are fine with permanent installation; it is fine to install rigid ones instead of rollable ones. Similarly, remember that the cost of panels rises with the size of their power. Besides, packaging, instructions, accessories, junction box, etc. also determine their price.

6. Solar Cell Type: Choose the type of solar cell that is best for you. There are three kinds of solar cells namely: monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon. The first one is good regarding tolerating heat, working efficiency and smallness in size. The second one, however, has become the most popular choice for installing solar panels at homes. The reason behind this is because its technology has been recently improved with better efficiency, higher heat tolerance and smaller size which make it better than monocrystalline silicons. Finally, the third one or amorphous silicon is known for its thin film or least amount of silicon usage. Thin silicon solar cell type is less efficient than monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicons, but if you are to choose the most efficient one of this category, Solar Frontier CIS solar panel is the best example of thin-film module.

Selecting the best solar panel is critical for your home, and that is why you must know why you should do it and how you can do it. Following helpful tips as mentioned above certainly, makes the job easier.

DIY Packing Tips and Checklist for Moving House

Whether you’re moving to a new state or just moving to a new area within your current city, packing and moving house can be a time-consuming, as well as energy and resource-draining chore. If you are planning to do the self-packing, then knowing some nifty DIY packing tips that would result in saving a lot of time, money, and effort.

Fig.1 – Moving Checklist.

Here are some great DIY removalist packing tips that you should keep in mind while packing up your things for a move.

Start Your Packing Well in Advance

There is nothing worse than last-minute packing. It leads to a lot of complications, from misplaced items to broken valuables. To avoid such unnecessary mishaps, start packing early. Packing up our homes is usually underestimated. It is not as simple as throwing everything in boxes and moving them. So start your packing at least six weeks before moving day.

Buy Packing Supplies in Bulk

Buy packing supplies in bulk from a wholesale store to save money. Things you’ll need include boxes, scotch tape, bubble wrap, markers, sticky notes (you never know when they’ll come in handy) and zip-lock bags (to store nuts and bolts from your furniture). Buy more boxes than you think you’ll need. There will always be a need for an extra box, no matter how meticulously you plan your move. Do not skimp on buying the firm, good-quality boxes. If you are tight on cash, you can ask your local supermarket for some spare boxes, but be warned that the boxes that they provide might not be very strong, definitely not as strong as new, unused boxes.
One popular trend in DIY packing is to use garbage bags instead of boxes to pack things. While it is a great idea (all you have to do is throw things in garbage bags!), there is also a lot of room for accidents. As we all know, garbage bags are prone to tears, and if you pack it with items with sharp edges, you are just asking for trouble. If you have to use garbage bags, use them only for packing your clothes and nothing else.

Pack Non-Essential Items First

When you start packing, start off with the non-essential items first. This includes things stored in the attic, kitchen gadgets and utensils that you hardly use, clothes that you won’t need in the weeks to come and so on.
Take care to pack fragile items with care. Use bubble wrap and old clothes to wrap them up to prevent breakage. Another tip is to make sure they are snugly packed in the box, with little to no room for them to be tossed around during transportation.

Label Your Boxes

As and when you pack the boxes, label them. And by the label, we don’t mean stick a “Fragile, handle with care’’ sticker on them. No, what we mean is use a marker to write down what the box contains, which room it belongs in, and any other information that will make it easy for the movers to know where to put the box in the new house.

Pack the boxes according to which room they will go in. So if it’s the living room, all the things that belong in the living room will go into a box. Doing this will make unpacking a breeze, as all you have to do is take each box to its respective room and unpack.

Of course, Purge

Now is the time to accumulate things that you don’t use or need. Don’t go soft and hoard stuff, be practical and purge. Give things to charity or try selling them online. We tend to accumulate a lot of junk over the years, so moving house is the best time to get rid of them. Also, think of it this way, the lesser things you have, the easier your move will be.

Pack an Essentials Box

Pack an essentials box with all the things that you’ll need to use on the night of your move to the new house. This will include things such as your phone charger, a set of nightclothes for you to sleep in, your toiletries, some basic kitchen gadgets and utensils such as a coffee mug, coffee machine, toaster, a bowl, a couple of spoons and so on.

Have A Folder to Store All the Papers

From the receipt from your moving company to the rental agreement, you will be accumulating a lot of papers during the move. Having a folder dedicated to all these important papers will make sure you don’t have to do an extensive search every time you need to refer to any of them. Also, make a soft copy of all the important papers and documents. Even if you happen to misplace them, you will have the soft copy to fall back on.

Have A Detailed Checklist

You need to prepare a detailed checklist. Have a couple of copies made and hand it over to your partner/spouse as well.
Here’s what the checklist needs to include:

  • Sort out utilities: Transfer or set up utility services for your new house. Services to be taken care of will include pay TV, telephone, Internet, gas, and electricity.
  • Notify People About Your Change of Address: From your workplace to your neighbours, bank, and the post office, you need to notify people about your change of address. This will make your transition smoother. Don’t forget to inform any magazine or newspaper subscriptions about your change of address as well.
  • Schedule A Moving Company: At least six weeks prior your move, start researching moving companies. Call up and ask for price quotes and choose one that fits your budget. Book the moving company and set up a date for the move.
  • Track Your Expenses: It is always a good idea to track your expenses. Keep tracking on your expenses will help you budget and make wise decisions with your money.

DIY packing can be a scary prospect, especially if you haven’t moved before. But with some careful planning, you can tackle the task with minimum disruption. Go in with a clear, focused mind, relying on your checklist to keep you organised. Who knows, you might even find out that you have a knack for it. Have fun packing and moving!

How to Start an Online Business in Melbourne: Quick Start Guide

Being in the field for a long period of time, we have obtained a lot of experience, which we need to share with other investors who want to start online businesses. The field demands uniqueness and smartness. It is very possible for an online business to start and thrive within a short period of time depending on strategies the owners are putting in place.

wordpress developers
Fig.1 – WordPress WooCommerce is the fundamental tool to start selling online.

We have witnessed special incidences where online business grows extremely fast until the owners decide to quit their main jobs to focus on their newly established online businesses. All the mechanics and full information on how to start an online business are explained by some wordpress deverlopers herein. Although it is possible to make huge profits within a short time after starting the business, the initiation process demands a lot of commitment and full dedication.

Identify What You Want To Sell

Strategically niche yourself in the market, and identify a product with great demand. Carefully look at what online businesses are not supplying in Melbourne, and take it as your first priority. Remember, you do not have to get a market without competition at all. In most cases, those products with no competition also have no money. Be prepared to ship products. Most of the products that will sell effectively in Melbourne are the shipped products. Consider dealing with items that are not made or manufactured within the locality. It does not necessarily demand that the product you are dealing with should be a physical one. You can as well deal with digital downloads like an app or an e-book. The most interesting part of it is that you can deal with products manufactured or designed by other people. Take for example an app; you can sell apps made and supplied to you by other designers. For a start, you can choose to source your products from another site, which is more advanced than yours is, and offer them at a fair price. Well-established sites like Alibaba, eBay or Gumtree can supply various products to you with prices almost similar to the manufacturers. The online business you intend to start must have a goal and a purpose. It has to be very essential to not only those who reside in Melbourne but also other investors around the globe. A good example is what eBay is doing. They are dedicated to uniting consumers with other consumers as well as businesses with consumers.

Build an Online Store

You must have an online store where you can get your products uploaded for consumer access. We have various sites that can help you establish an online store. One of them is WordPress-WooCommerce that stands out of the crowd for online store. Its functionalities include fully functional online store, shipping and payment management and etc. If you can identify a good online store that is easy to join, you can pick a store name, upload products, choose a theme and then plugin a PayPal account. From there, you will be in the online business game, making updates and upgrades by making slight site changes.

Make a Follow-up of How the Business Is Doing

Tracking the performance of your business is very essential. Though we do not apply the same techniques used in tracking a physical business through experience and expertise obtained with time, you can make a good business follow up and effectively determine its performance. Tracking your online business will help you determine what is happening, what is not working, where most of your traffics are coming from, the countries making a visit to your store, those who are buying and much more. Thanks to Google Analytics. It is a very good resource that can help you know the events taking place at your online store. You can use the tool to determine the percentage of visitors purchasing your products, the specific locality where most visitors are coming from, the total number of visitors, the number of visitors leaving your store (the lower, the better) and much more information relevant to the progress of your site.

Market Your Store

Once you have established your store, you need to create awareness in order to attract traffic. The process of creating awareness can either be expensive or very cheap depending on how the owner chooses to do. Most entrepreneurs choose to apply both free and paid for the advertisement when their business is starting. The main idea is to spread the information concerning your store to a great number of potential clients. We have some products, which people would not bother searching for, but they should be made aware of. In such a case, Facebook becomes a perfect forum. On the other hand, we have products that people keep on searching and looking over the internet. In that case, use of SEO or Google AdWords turns out to be the best choice. But for you to experience the best result, you need a full combination of these methods.

Come Up With a Community

You are offered not only a chance by your online business to buy and sell products but also a chance to create a unifying community. Try and engage customers to your site through social media like Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the day, your online business will have gained a lot of fame both in Melbourne and overseas countries. The best way to involve customers on social media is by asking them questions. This way they knowingly or unknowingly find themselves participating, and in return, popularizing your online store.

Do Not Wait For Perfection

Most of us think that, perfecting the site first before launching will make them realize quick success in the business. I totally disagree with that. In fact, launching the business as it is will help you determine the exact faults affecting it, and the corrections you make turns out to be very substantial. You could be waiting to perfect your store before launching only to realize later that there are many mistakes made, which could have been avoided if you were to launch the business earlier. To be ambitious enough, do not just target customers in Melbourne or Australia alone. Remember, Australia has a population of only 22million people. Consider attracting customers from all over the world.

When is the Best Time to Replace a Roof, Winter or Summer?

Roof replacing is one of the most time taking task that needs to be done on timely basis. If metal roofing is done for their roofs, they do not have to change or replace the roofs more often. Roofs made of wood would need timely inspection and replacement when necessary.

There are various reasons why you would need to replace your roof. Some homeowners do not change their roof unless they really have to but the thing is, you are actually not doing yourself a very good favor when you wait until your roof is dead. It is dangerous. Roof has its own lifespan too, they are not made to endure forever.

Metal roofing for roof replacement

Reasons that homeowners consider when replacing their roofs

  • Remodeling purposes
  • Leak
  • Damage
  • Loss of granules
  • Worn

So, the moment you found out you really need a new roof, the next question that comes to mind is “when is the best time to replace a roof, winter or summer?” The timing, the quality of materials as well as the amount of time of replacing your roof can have a great effect on the cost of the roof replacement contract

Of Course, many homeowners prefer to put the project off to avoid spending, avoid the preparations, the sound of the hammer and the hassle of it. But this doesn’t mean they can procrastinate forever. It may even cause more than the amount they will spend now if they’ll do it 2 to 3 years from now.

There are several factors to ponder when choosing the best time to change your roof.
Weather, for one, plays a critical role when changing your roof. There are seasons that would make it so impossible to change your roof especially if the replacement requires a lot of time.

If you are thinking of changing your roof in winter, think of the possibilities that may happen.

Roofing is a physical work where temperature is much considered. Would you like to wear your winter jacket and boot and do the marathon? Of course not and it make sense for roofers not being able to finish their job as expected. It can really be very uncomfortable up on the roof below freezing point.

First, let’s consider the contractor. People tend to cut corners just to drive home earlier and even if they love the job—being a roofer—if it decreases their composure, they would rather go home and rest. Just imagine having to go out on the roof and work all day when it’s below freezing, so that’s exactly how they’d feel. To them, shoveling on the roof to get started with the real job decreases their confidence and this will be enough reason for them to do it the easiest way and obviously, you may not be so happy with the result.

Roofing staff uses materials—many different materials that can get affected by the weather like nails guns and compressor when the weather is below freezing. Shingles has to be sealed but it will not seal lest they are warmth to roughly 70°F. Shingles should not be nailed below freezing because it becomes brittle as it loses its resistance as the high temperature goes down .For the crew to install the roof, gun nailing is not advised so they would have to manually do it which would require more time and energy. Shingles are made with its own sealant but this Seal strips will not seal either id they are nor tabbing, so it also requires manual sealing with compatible adhesives which means that the roofing crew would have to use caulking gun to rub on four strokes of roofing cement beneath each and every laminate shingles and then press the shingles into the cement to prevent the wind from lifting them.

So, if not winter, is summer the best time to replace my shingles?

The best time to replace your roof is when you think it should be replaced. However, prior to that you must consider planning ahead of time above anything else. Not because you have found out that shingles have been blown off means you have to do it now, consider the season, if you allow yourself to change the roofing completely during winter, will it do you any good? If you wait until spring or summer, would it be better?

The benefits of having your roof replaced during summer:

Summer is an ideal time to replace your roof. After spring, most jobs have been completed and most of the people go on local and international summer vacation trips and since summer is consist of labour holidays, memorial and independence holidays, a lot of people tend to not include this season as their renovation period.

SO, the good thing about this season is that you can get a great deal with roofing companies. The cost of your roofing replacement will absolutely be a lot cheaper compared to doing it during the fall season where roofing suppliers tend to increase their prices. It is wise to have your scheduled roofing before the holidays.

Another great thing why summer is a good time to change your shingles is because asphalt roofing requires thermal sealing process.

It makes installing easier for the contractors because they wouldn’t need to manually install the nail.

Important tips to consider before signing a roofing contract:

Plan ahead of time and schedule the installation in advance. You will be prioritized by your contractors because they will not have any excuse of not starting and finishing it as scheduled.

Avoid spring and fall where materials are priced higher than usual.

Get price estimates or free quotes from different roofing companies based on your location, roof size, roofing materials and budget.

Inspecting your home at least once a year for any roofing issues can help you save a lot of money. It should be a part of your house maintenance.
So unless, you are prepared to pay for extra time and willing to sign the limited liability, it would be best to wait a few more weeks.

Unless it is absolutely necessary to change your roof, winter is not really that recommended. As mentioned, roof installation is highly dependent on the season.

Unfortunately cold and hot weathers can extremely delay the process.