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400km from Bathurst $495 Sale
400-600km from Bathurst $545 Sale
QLD Zone 1 $1,570 Sale
QLD Zone 2 $625 Sale
Model NP1000L Litre water tank.
Capacity 1000 Litres
Diameter 1000 mm
Height 1542 mm

Inlet height 

1430 mm

Water tanks come complete with: 
400mm access hatch and meshed Strainer
Brass Outlet 25mm or 32mm
20 year warranty
Weight 31KG
Delivery time frame 3 to 4 weeks





The first thing you need to do is prepare access for the delivery of your tank(s).
The manufacturers truck/trailer is very large and requires suitable access. Truck/trailer is 5m (16’6”) tall, 3m (10’) wide, 18m (60’) long or truck only – 9m (30’). You will need to ensure clear access with gates, roads, roundabouts, crossings and overhanging trees on your property so the manufacturer can deliver your tank without damage (access permitting). If delivery cannot be made to your site – other hire and crane equipment is at purchaser’s expense.

Inaccessible sites (man power required):

The delivery driver will need help to unload your tank from the truck, if the truck and crane cannot reach delivery area. Please ensure there are enough people available to assist at time of delivery. If assistance cannot be provided then hire or use of any equipment is at purchaser’s expense. ie crane hire, 4wd tractor hire, backhoe hire, front end loader hire etc.

10,000 Litre (2,200 Gallon) – 14,500 Litre (3,200 Gallon)
2 people + driver

24,500 Litre (5,400 Gallon)
3 people + driver

28,100 Litre (6,200 Gallon) – 37,200 Litre (8,200 Gallon)
4 people + driver

When your tank arrives:

You will need to secure your tank. Tanks prior to installation should be with webbing or rope. Chains and cables should NOT be used. Alternatively, fill the tank with 100mm (4”) of water.



Installation Guide
You need to ensure that you have the correct site preparation in order to comply with the warranty.
Your tank needs to be on FLAT LEVEL COMPACTED BASE. The base of your water tank must be fully supported at all times.
You can install your tank on either a concrete slab or crusher dust.
When installing the concrete slab it must be at least 100mm (4”) and at least 25mpa with F62 mesh halfway through the mix. It needs to be flattened with a completely level surface. The finished surface should have a trowelled finish.
When installing with a crusher dust base it should be 300mm (12”) wider than the diameter of the tank and ensure that you remove at least 100mm (4”) of natural earth, and the base needs to be level and flat. Then refill with at least 75mm (3”) of crusher dust that has been thoroughly mixed with dry cement powder. For example; for a  4 metre base you will need approximately 2-3 bags of cement powder). Once this has been spread, you need to compact the crusher dust with suitable compacting equipment, this is very important. Then thoroughly screed the surface and make sure the whole surface is level and flat and that there are no obstructions ie. Tree roots, stones, rocks etc. Do not water to set the cement powder, once your tank is in position natural moisture will do this in time. 
Please note that sand is not an acceptable base.


20 Year Warranty. The manufacturer warrants that it will replace OR repair at the manufacturers’ discretion on a pro rata basis any Water Tank if workmanship defects occur for a period of 20 years from the date of purchase.
Please note that the following conditions apply:
·         The warranty is only valid to the original purchaser of the tank. You must retain the original invoice and or receipted delivery docket, this is your proof of purchase.
·         The customer is responsible to pay for any FREIGHT costs associated with repair of your tank and or a replacement tank plus any other additional costs incurred.
·         The tank must only be used for the storage of portable water with the temperature of the water NOT exceeding 40°C.
·         The overflow on the tank must equal the tank inlet. For example; 2 x 90mm inlet pipes must have 2 x 90mm overflow pipes.
The following are NOT covered by Warranty:
·         Weathering of the tank due to climatic conditions over a long period of time.
·         Damage caused by incorrect installation, and or base preparation or failure to maintain the base.
·         Unauthorised repairs and/or modifications.
·         Abnormal wear and tear.
·         Any damage caused by fire, flood, storms, etc. Or any insurable risk.
·         All conditions, warranties, obligations and liabilities of any kind (other than the warranty expressly agreed to by the Company and outlined above) which are or may be imposed or implied to the contrary by any statute, rule or regulation, or under the common law and whether arising from negligence of the Company, its servants or otherwise are hereby excluded except to the extent that the Company may be prevented from doing so by any statute, rule or regulation under the common law.
Warranty is limited to replacement or repairs only and does not extend to cover any other claim, loss, demand or loss.



1.       Can I bury the Tank?
Please note that this information is a GUIDE only.
It is imperative that you seek an Engineers advice regarding YOUR particular situation.
As a general guide the manufacturer recommends that the tank should not be buried anymore that one metre into the ground.
The hole must be 300mm (12”) wider than the diameter of tank. In the case that two tanks are to be buried side by side then you must dig separate holes.
Prepare the tank base as per Installation Instructions listed under Installation Guides.
Completely fill tank with water first then backfill the hole with compacted cracker dust and cement powder. Compact 75-100mm (3-4”) at a time. We also suggest that you erect a fence for safety reasons around the tank. Backfill Ratio = 3 parts cracker dust to 1 part cement powder.
2.       What does the Tank come with?
All tanks come complete with brass outlet and gate valve up to 50mm, stainless steel meshed strainer and stainless steel meshed overflow.
3.       What about the fittings positions?
You can decide where you would like the fittings. You can choose an outlet and gate valve either in 25mm (1”), 40mm ( 1 ½ “)  or 50mm (2” optional extra). The overflow and strainer are supplied as standard for all tanks.
The manufacturer will fit the strainer, overflow and brass outlet valve or tap to your tank at their factory before delivery. You can advise where you would like them to be fitted on the tank simply by using a clockface. You can also advise if you require any extra fittings or gate valves.    Any other plumbing work required for tank is the responsibility of the customer.


National Poly Fittings diagram


How To Order
1.       Determine what size tank you require
Work out what you will be using the water tank for ie. Garden taps and/or toilets, washing machines. Then you can calculate your daily rainwater demand. Also bear in mind your average annual rainfall. (
One flush of a dual flush toilet
9 Litres
One load in a standard washing machine
150 Litres
Washing of an average size car
200 Litres
Hosing of a driveway
100 Litres
Standard garden sprinkler
1000 Litres/Hr
Drip style sprinkler
4 Litres/Hr 


For example: If you have two toilets that are flushed on average 12 flushes a day, do one load of washing per day. Also add washing 2 cars once a week and using a drip sprinkler for approximately 2 hours per week, you would be using approximately 2,700 litres per week.
2.       Determine where you want to put your tank
Find the best location on your property. This will determine whether you want a round or slimline tank. You will need to take into account that you will need to run a downpipe to fill the tank, and that it’s not going to obstruct access down the side of the house, or near the garage. Measure the appropriate area for your tank; this will give a clear idea of how big the tank can be.
3.       Choose what colour tank you require
There is a colour chart located within each tank listing with a wide variety of colours to choose from. 
4.       Choose pump and tank accessories
Based on your needs choose a pump that best suits your requirements. If you will be using your tank water to flush toilets and washing machines, a Bianco 900pca with Rainsaver is recommended. These pumps will automatically switch over to mains water supply when the tank levels drop too low. If you will only be using your tank water to water your garden and wash cars etc you can use a standard pump.
Have a browse through all our accessories to see if there is anything you need ie. Pump cover, tank to pump connection kits, rain water tank signs, water level gauges, first flush diverters.
Alternatively, if you go back to the home page, you will find complete package deals which include the tank, pump and all necessary accessories. We also have a wide range of just pump and accessory packages that you can purchase all in one click.
5.       You are now ready to Order!
You can either pick your tank, and any pumps and accessories or order direct through our website. Or if you prefer you can call us on 1300 590 487 and one of our friendly sales staff will assist you with any questions you have and take your order over the phone.


NP 1000 Litre Water Tank
Buy 1 for 495.00 each and save $0 AUD
Buy 2 for 475.00 each and save $40 AUD

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