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Great Big Sale on our range of Rainwater Products

Find the right product for your needs, choose from our large selection below or call our friendly water tank experts on 1300 590 487.

With so many tank manufactures on the market, Grumpyb makes it easy to choose the very best available through 20 years of experience in the water tank industry. We have put together a selection of the finest most reliable rain water tank and water pump brands in Australia... tried and tested to stand up to the tough Australian environment.

There are 3 easy ways to choose the best water tanks and pumps solution for you

Step 1 choose below the type of tank your looking for.
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select your state. 
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  browse through the selection of tanks, it's that easy!!!

Do not forget to browse through the right hand side of the product page to learn about our pumps and accessories on offer. Other information including sales price is also included, or call about one of our complete package deals.

We are continuously updating our product line every day, Can't find what you are looking? Please call us to discuss your options.


You are on the right website for all things rainwater harvesting. Whether you need a single tank or a package consisting of several,  we can offer you the best prices and unmatched service. We only sell high quality, food-grade water tanks, and can offer you the best pricing because we are volume sellers. Take advantage of our great purchasing power!

With water being one of our most precious assets more and more people are seeing the importance of rainwater storage for use in their homes. Water Tanks are now available in a huge range of shapes and sizes an through our comprehensive website your sure to find the right system to suit your requirements. If you’re unsure of what type of rainwater collection  tank will suit your needs... just call one of our friendly water tank experts on 1300 590 487 and we will guide you through all the different types of rainwater systems available and can show you online examples of tanks, pumps, grey water and accessories required for a successful installation.

Grumpyb now supplies a large range of pumps from Bianco, Davey, Grundfos and DAB. We carry the standard garden variety as well as high end Rainbank and Rainsaver models that are suitable for flushing toilets and servicing washing machines. We have a large range of submersible pumps for underground tanks for the person that just wants a silent pump for their above ground system.

Just about all you need for a successful installation can be found on our web site. Rainwater tank accessories by rain harvesting including first flush diverters, Leaf eaters, Everpure triple action filters, replacement filter cartridges and rainwater tank gauges. Super Head first flush diverters. Brass ball valves from Guyco as well as poly fittings, poly pipe, brass y strainers and stortz fittings. Pressure air tanks from Pressure Wave.

If you can’t find what you’re looking chances are we will be able to find it for you, just give one of our friendly water tank experts a call and we will do the leg work for you.

Rainwater tanks from National Poly, Poly Water Tanks, Supatank, Clark water tanks, Precision Poly Duraplas, Dura Poly, De Tank, Tankmasta, Team Poly and WA Poly are among the finest  poly water tanks available in Australia today. We supply a large range of corrugated steel tanks and raised garden beds from "Tank Works Australia" and "Coast and Country Tanks".

Our range of Birdies DIY raised garden Beds are sure to please the keen veggie gardener. We also supply concrete water tanks both above ground and below ground, a huge range of Bladder storage from Eco Sac, and well as Aquaponics troughs and grow beds. Farm supplies including stock troughs and  stock feeders are also available through our site.

If you’re interested in a sustainable eco friendly solution then look no further. Browse through our web site and you will find a large range of plastic, polyethylene, and steel corrugated water tanks in both slim line and round design, as well as many other types of accessories. You will find the best pacakge that will suit all of your requirements right here by looking through or site of calling one of our water tank experts.

We ship watertanks to NSW and VIC -  being a very popular choice for Builders, Plumbers and owner builders to capture and store large amounts of water out of view.  Concrete tanks are also best suited in areas where fire is an issue, with a stortz or CFA fitting sometimes required to assist the fire brigade access and supply of water to help fight fires.

Looking for water tank installation in Sydney?  We can book an on-site visit to go through your storage requirements, advise you of the best solution and then provide you with a quote to consider. To book an on-site quotation in Sydney call us on 1300 590 487.

Just remember the old saying “You Get What You Pay For“ This couldn’t be more true in this particular industry. We advise to choose the very best you can afford to avoid premature pump and tank failures. Many of our clients have fallen into the cheap trap and unfortunately are now out of pocket. Some of our clients have had as many as 3 tanks burst in 5 years before they came to us. Don’t let this happen to you, make sure you choose a quality water tank off our web site to ensure you get the very best. And remember if it looks  too good to be true then it probably is!

Aquaponics systems including aquaponic grow beds and aquaculture tanks are now becoming very popular. This is known as the growing of fish and veggies in a self sustaining environment. The waste provided by the fish is pumped through a raised garden bed using a timed pumping system. The waste water is then filtered by the grow bed with the plants removing the fish waste. The water is then returned to the fish to begin the cycle again. Check out our Aquaponics page to view our range of products.



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